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Arts & Entertainment

Miles & Stockbridge has built a significant practice in entertainment and creative arts law. We provide general counsel to a wide variety of clients in the entertainment industry, representing both emerging and established artists, including best-selling authors, platinum-selling musicians, animators, composers, production companies and record companies and recording studios. Our work includes contract negotiations for recording, management, publishing, soundtracks, movies and licensing. We also advise clients on copyright and trademark issues and, when necessary, pursue copyright and trademark infringement litigation.

We have negotiated development deals with Walt Disney and Fox Television for several animated television series, documentaries and motion pictures; recording contracts with a number of prominent labels; and book contracts with publishers for well-known writers Tom Clancy and Nora Roberts. In dealing with these and many other clients, we understand that their true passion is for creating their art, not tending to business details. Often we need to balance a client's immediate desire to record their album, publish their book, or sell their screenplay with their long-term interests in benefiting from their talent. Our lawyers take the time to understand the career goals and objectives of creative artists, and use our negotiating skills to ensure that their efforts are properly compensated and protected.

Beyond production contracts, an important part of our counsel to successful creative artists is protecting the business interests involved with their public recognition. Our lawyers negotiate and litigate talent and personal service agreements for personal management, as well as such issues as sponsorships, endorsements, merchandising agreements, modeling agreements and general business management. We have also provided general counsel services for the management and publishing administration of a national recording artist through album releases, national tours, videos, television and motion picture appearances. And we offer similar business advice and corporate counsel to record production companies and recording studios.

Finally, we ensure that the intellectual property embodied by our clients' artistic production is properly protected. We negotiate and draft licensing agreements for recording, animation, software and soundtracks and artist/producer agreements on behalf of artists and record production companies. When necessary, we litigate copyright and trademark infringement actions. Increasingly our advice involves the copyright issues arising from the transfer of traditional copyrighted works to the Internet, CDs, DVDs and other high-tech communications media.